Pelagos Net Farma (since 2013)



Our Story

Pelagos – in translation: the open sea. Our name tells our story – inspired by the Adriatic Sea, where for generations our forefathers were fishermen, the two of us – driven by the call to return to the sea and continue the tradition of our ancestors – be fishermen, decided to farm Atlantic bluefin tuna. Croatia is famous for being a pioneer in the aquaculture of the Atlantic bluefin tuna, we applied the know-how and the experience of bio farming from our compatriots. At one of scientifically proven best locations in the Mediterranean Sea, we set up our tuna farm in 2013. As our Fishing fleet catches small pelagic fish for tuna bait, our next venture was to revive the tastes of our childhood – manufacturing delicacies from anchovies and sardines. At Pelagos we give ancient tradition a new dimension. Located at dock 4 Zadar port – Pelagos headquarters with its modern logistics centre, cold storage plant (capacity 2000 tons), individual quick freezing device (Sabroe CAFP400, freezing capacity 1800 kg fish to -20oc/per hour), provide perfect predispositions for both of our enterprises – quality bait for the farm during close season periods (IQF d bait has the same protein level as fresh bait) and daily fresh small pelagic fish (anchovies, sardines) supplies for our delicacy manufacture plant (capacity:1000 tons/year). We own a fishing fleet, tugboats, multipurpose vessels and custom made supply vessels. The farm is located 9Nm from our headquarters.

 have the perfect predispositions for premium quality as we are in control of each step of the process: fishing with our own fleet, our delicacy manufacture plant directly at our dock of Zadar port (no transport damage of the fish), professional personell and high-tech
facilities. The World Health Organization recommends oily pelagic fish consumption as a valuable source of omega-3 acids, proteins and the vitamines A and D. We want our products to be recognised by taste and quality and hereby contribute to this aim of the WHO WHO (World Health Organisation) – awake consciousness and the passion for fish eating as the healthy alternative.



We view our competition as a welcome challenge driving us to improve. We are looking forward to develop new products according to the needs and tastes of our consumers. Our goal is to be available to a widespread consumer range. Consumer confidence is important to us, so the acquisition of the globally recognised IFS (International Featured Standard) for food, as well as the Halal and the Kosher Certification are predispositions to reach our consumers wherever they are, to join us in the passion for fish.

Pelagos fosters a culture of sustainability that enables our employees and company to operate either at sea or on land in environmentally responsible ways. Our waste from the processing plant is organic and a source of valuable omega-3 acids, so we pass it on to pet food producing companies. In accordance to the standard of sustainability , honesty and respect are the values we cultivate amongst our team and our clients.



Pelagos Net Farma Official Video – Passion for Fish